Red Bull Moto GP Indianapolis

For Ducati riders Moto GP race day starts at Ducati Indianapolis.  It is here that over 150 Ducati riders assemble to make their pilgrimage to the Indianapolis motor Speedway.  Led by Mario Cavurro, president of the Hoosier Hooligans Indiana Ducati club, they form what is know as the RED SNAKE.


Once inside the track Ducati is carved out its own little island in the turn nine corner. This little area is affectionately an appropriately named Ducati Island. 

A familiar face around Ducati Island, Stefano Sbettega, Ducati North America marketing and communications director.

Paddock girls are a common (and welcomed) sight around the Moto GP garages

For some spectators the excitement can be too much and they need to squeeze in a little nap time between races.

As the Moto GP main event grows near the Ducati Island grand stand starts to fill

The local Indiana Ducati riders club, the Hoosier Hooligans, prepare the banner for the grandstand stunt.

Just before the sighting lap Ducati fans rollout the 7500 square foot banner to display their colors.

Kentucky native and Ducati rider Nicky Hayden with turn his last laps in Indy on a Ducati as he searches for a new team.

Nicky Hayden’s team mate and Ducati rider Andrea Dovizioso

Yamaha overrider and seven time world Champion Valentino Rossi is finding it hard to keep up with his younger competitors

Series leader Marc Marquez is looking good for another podium.

Mark Marquez, no for his extreme lean angles drags an elbow turn seven

Valentino Rossi in the same turn seven plays it safe


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